Shane Dawson Army - General Info


Rules & Guidelines

Before you start posting on the SD Army, you must read the rules and guidelines. This is a fun and supportive community for Shane Dawson fans to talk and share ideas.

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Official Announcements

Listen up! This is official sh*t! I will post important stuff here so you know what's going on.

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New Members

If you're new to the forum, take a minute to introduce yourself to everyone else!

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Suggestions for SD

Do you have suggestions for the site? Let me know and I'll see what I can do. I'm doing this by myself so it may take a little while for me to get things done. :)

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Talk Talk Talk


Questions From Shane

You know my "Questions of Day". I'll be posting questions here, too. I want to know what you think'n!

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General Discussion

  1. TV & Movies,
  2. Music,
  3. Anime,
  4. Video Games,
  5. YouTube,
  6. Sports,
  7. School Life,
  8. Work Life,
  9. News Around the World,
  10. Pop Culture,
  11. Crazy Sh*t!,
  12. Day by Day,
  13. General Topics

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Shane's Videos

Discuss new and old Shane videos and vlogs.

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Not Cool

This is the place to discuss all things NOT COOL!

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Who Do You Ship?

Well, who do you ship? Here's the place to talk about it.

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For Some Inspiration

Share inspirational stories about yourself, your friends or something that you experienced. With all the crazy sad f'd up stuff in the world, it's important to remember the good stuff too.

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"Shane and Friends" Podcast

Discussion about the podcast.

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Shane Around the WORLD

  1. Shane CANADA,
  2. Shane DENMARK,
  3. Shane FRANCE,
  4. Shane GERMANY,
  5. Shane SWEDEN,
  6. Shane UK

Are you from another country outside of the USA? You'll find different countries listed here to talk about Shane in your part of the world!

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Be Creative


Fan Fiction

Got a short short story to share? This is the place!

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Writer's Room

Share your poetry, prose, and other (non-fan fiction) writings here!

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Share your art here! Be creative and share constructive feedback! NOTE: Music and Graphic Design have their own forums.

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Graphic Design

Show off your graphic design work! Request graphics of your own from the forum's artistic community! Be creative and constructive!

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Musician's Corner

I know you guys can sing and play music. Share your original songs and covers here! Post an embedded video or a SoundCloud link of you performing. We all want to hear it.

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YOUR YouTube Channel (Put your Channel Name in the Title)

1. Put your YouTube channel name in the Post Title. 2. Put the full link in the post. 3. Include a description about your channel. 4. Post updates as "replies" on your topic.

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Are You The Next Shane Dawson?

You all know my story. All it takes is a video and a new way of telling a story. Post video embeds of you doing something new and creative. Perhaps you could be the next me...

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Teen Trouble


The Help Line

Sometimes life can be really hard. This forum is a place to talk about it.

UPDATE: This is not a place to say "I'm going to kill myself." Walk away from your computer and call 1-800-SUICIDE.

DISCLAIMER: If you are or someone you know is seriously in danger, call 911. Do not use this forum in place of getting help from professionals, whether it is a help hotline, a counselor, your family, or the police.

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